Oh, How Mod

blue taupe orange blue taupe pearls

I am in love with the women’s fashions of the 1950’s-1960’s. I love bouffants, I love pearls, I love peplums, I love shift dresses and the femininity of the era. I think women had an aura about them that was a vision of perfection and womanhood and class.

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Navy, Pink, Leopard

navy pink leopard

I have recently started trying to find ways to wear leopard and jaguar that doesn’t make me look like I belong on the latest season of MTVs Jersey Shore. I was walking around the mall, trying not to spend money…, until I saw this beautiful statement necklace that was gold and leopard. Naturally, I bought it. ha.

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Epitome of Cuteness

Now I know my blog is suppose to be about fashion and femininity, and in a way this counts… But it is inevitable that I will post about my little pup, because frankly, I am obsessed, addicted, and infatuated with her. So I should just go ahead and get the introductions out of the way.

This is Kiki. She is my little mini poodle that we adopted from Florida Poodle Rescue, where we have rescued numerous poodles from. I just think she is a fluffy ball of attitude and love! She is spoiled rotten and honestly runs the house. She absolutely has the two boys in their place, like all good women know how to do. She is about 5ish years old; hard to know, since we adopted her. I have no idea how ANYONE wouldn’t want this little doll baby around.

318555_10150294080056790_1107584326_n 386592_10150399516986790_46440304_n

my phone 011 (2) my phone 004 (4)

Love: In the form of chocolate and peanut butter


This is the recipe for the peanut butter pretzels dipped in chocolate. Perfect for valentine’s day because the pretzels end up looking like little hearts. Even if you don’t plan on doing this for v-day… at least you have the recipe to REESE’S peanut butter now (;
CAUTION: dangerously delicious!

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I’ll have the stripes with a side of leopard please

stripes leopard

Combining patterns is not a fashion faux pas! I love telling people this cause they usually get some crazy look on their face like “girl, you are crazy!,” kind of like when you tell someone that you can wear brown and black together! Hello, God made animal print beautifully and plenty of animals rock the black and brown together!

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What is all this about anyways?

I have been contemplating starting a blog for foreverrrr now, especially since Ty left for the army. I always had ideas for blogging but I just never got around to really starting one (It is a little intimidating!). Well I was sitting around with my adorable pup on this chilly sunday and decided “I am going to do it! I am going to blog!” So here we are! What’s there to lose right?

I hope I can at least help one person with my blogging, I hope someone finds all these words and pictures useful!

xx VJS

P.S.- If anyone has any questions, or wants input on anything FEEL FREE to contact me. I promise I dont bite, and I am ultra approachable. I am a problem solver, I love to help! (: