I’ll have the stripes with a side of leopard please

stripes leopard

Combining patterns is not a fashion faux pas! I love telling people this cause they usually get some crazy look on their face like “girl, you are crazy!,” kind of like when you tell someone that you can wear brown and black together! Hello, God made animal print beautifully and plenty of animals rock the black and brown together!

This is an outfit that I actually wore out this past friday night, and it is now one of my favorites I have put together. (My fiance actually really liked it too!)

How to make this look work:
-Fitted, dark wash, boot cut jeans (long enough to cover most of the shoe, except the tip of the toes.
-A beige top of some sort. Pictured is a plain cami, but I used a tie neck button up in a taupey-beige color with my outfit.
-A thin striped, black and white blazer. The blazer should be structured, but not overly structured that makes it more strict and stiff looking
-The shoes should be an almond toe or pointed toe heel. The best look will be achieved if the shoe is not a platform, and does not have to be a ridiculouslytall heel.
– The bag should be a plain clutch that is in the range of beige-tan. Nothing too extravagant, nothing too detailed, nothing too clunky.

Now what about the hair and makeup?:
-When I wore this out, I actually wore a sleek ballerina bun
-For my makeup, since I didnt wear any jewelry because I was afraid of junking up the patterns, I wore a version of a cateye that I usually always wear and I popped with a red lip.
-Because my hair was up and I wasnt wearing any other type of jewelry, I did wear little studs to not be totally accessory naked!

And the final look is:


 kjhgb okjhg


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