Navy, Pink, Leopard

navy pink leopard

I have recently started trying to find ways to wear leopard and jaguar that doesn’t make me look like I belong on the latest season of MTVs Jersey Shore. I was walking around the mall, trying not to spend money…, until I saw this beautiful statement necklace that was gold and leopard. Naturally, I bought it. ha.

I have always believed that any outfit can be dressed up or dressed down, as well as any article of clothing or accessory can be dressed for day or night. So while I am sure most people would see the statement necklace as a night accessory because it can give off a “gaudy” vibe, I wanted to wear it on a lunch date with my future sister-in-law. So I started playing around in my closet. And I came up with this outfit. And I really loved it!

How to create this look for you:
-A nice pair of structured navy shorts. Everyone has their own skin-exposure rules, I personally try not to show a lot of skin, and definitely try to make sure that my gluteus maximus (and minimus!) are fully contained.
-A pale pink button up. Structured and fitted correctly (a button up should mirror your body shape, but should not be too tight that there is no gaping between the buttons. I rolled my sleeves up for this outfit, to give it a more casual vibe for my lunch date.
-a neutral sandal, or wedge will work for this outfit. something tan or brown is best. It mimics the colors of the leopard necklace and ties it nicely together.
-I love big purses, great for school, great for work, great for everything. I dont always carry around big purses tho, I usually carry around my little wristlet or clutch cause they are small and quick to grab (and don’t really collect things so they dont weigh 30 lbs.) But any type of bag should be a tan, just like the shoes, to mimic the colors of the necklace.

Makeup and Hair:
-I personally like the ballerina or sock bun with this, its casual and easy, and doesnt get in the way while you are running around throughout the day
-Makeup, I would say best is pretty neutral. Brown eyeshadows, a bronze cheek and a golden pink gloss lip.

And here is how it all turned out:
Coming soon!

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