Oh, How Mod

blue taupe orange blue taupe pearls

I am in love with the women’s fashions of the 1950’s-1960’s. I love bouffants, I love pearls, I love peplums, I love shift dresses and the femininity of the era. I think women had an aura about them that was a vision of perfection and womanhood and class.

Over the weekend, I bought these Polka dot cigarette pants from Forever21. And a taupe colored baggy tank top. I didn’t really intend for them to be worn together, but then I was thinking, why not, I like the sky blue with the deepness of taupe.

How to wear these pants:
-the shoe absolutely has to be pointed toe. The pants hit a typically awkward position on the leg (between the ankle and calf muscle) that it can make a woman’s leg look stubby. A pointed toe shoe will elongate the leg and doesnt leave the focus on that awkward ankle space.
-I did two different theories to the pants because they are actually not as specific as someone would first assume.
–The first is the spicier version of the pants. Same top and a nude flat. But I added a splash of orange because it is a complimentary color and to me screams FUNNNN!!
— The second is the more conservative version of how to wear these pants. Same top and same nude flats or a pointed toe nude heel. This one can handle a heel because the accessories are all neutrals so the heels do not come off as overwhelming.

How the heck do you wear makeup with this:
-For the spicier version: I would probably do a version of the cateye that fits the shape and look of my eyes and face, a bronze cheek and a natural gloss or maybe even a matching orangy lipstick.

orange lipstick

-For the conservative version: I would wear a cateye and possibly a red lip, with a bronzy-pink cheek.

red lipstick

cat eye

How about the hair:
-either version can handle up or down. If up and quick, a bun would be okay, or a messy, french braid ponytail. If down, soft curls would look really beautiful, straight might be a little to edgy for this 1960’s flashback.

How it came out for me:
Coming soon!

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