How the heck do I wear those?!?

blue white pattern pumps

They are beautiful shoes. Beautiful colors, beautiful pattern, a shape that can flatter any foot but how the heck are you suppose to dress with something so attention-grabbing?

royal blue white pink collage

I would pair these shoes with white jeans to really make the shoes pop! But also adding pink accessories make it more daring and saying “yeauh, I know I am wearing amazing shoes, but check out the rest of me too, it is just as fabulous!”

Use the royal blue as a neutral. Keep the top in a flowy and in a matching color palette to the shoes allows for the accessories to speak for themselves. Dont worry about the accessories taking attention away from those shoes, they ALL stand out on their own.

Note: These are very tall heel, for those crazy stilt-walkers, I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Scholls for her insoles… they really do work and make a pretty big difference!

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