My Obsessions: A to F


A: (bright) Athletic Shoes
…sooo I kind of cheated on the “a.” Whatev’s, It’s my list and I can do whatever I want!

B: Baby Lips (Maybelline)
Cherry gives a nice sheer color, moisturizes and smells really good! Isnt the best tasting chapstick or lipgloss, but it doesnt taste bad, just like plain chapstick I suppose. If it had a flavor, I would marry it.
Peach is the most natural of the colors. There is a clear, but thats boring, and its mint…. I am not a fan of mint smelling lips..

C: Clutches
Who doesnt? They are mini purses… All girls love carrying a cute purse, and Everyone loves mini, Mini is adorable.. So why not a mini purse?

D: Dictionary
Yeauh, It’s a little nerdy but I really love words! Sometimes, I TRY to be a¬†wordsmith. I desire a vast vocabulary knowledge!

E: Etsy
It. Is. Fabulous! You can find almost anything on it from all around the world!

F: Fedoras
No explanation necessary

Stay tuned for G-L, M-S, and T-Z!

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