Classy-ing Up the Colored Jean

coral striped tan braid bun


The biggest trend for last year, and not seeing any type of stop sign (or even a yield sign!), is colored jeans! But I have seen a lot of girls wear them in a not so… classy… way.

When I bought my first pair of colored jeans (they were mint colored!) my fiance responded to them in this way, “what are you? five years old?,” “i think they look a little ghetto…”

Of course like any other woman that loves her fashion and likes to keep up with styles, I had to prove to him that colored jeans could be for adults and classy women!

I first picked a color that flattered my skin tone!! (CAUTION: not every woman can pull of the color pink or coral or orange or yellow) Warm colors  [red, orange, pink, yellow, coral] look great on tan and olive skin tones, while cooler colors [green, blues, aqua, teal, purples] look good on just about every woman.

What I paired them with:
– I paired my jeans with a striped chiffon top. Either in black and white/cream or navy and white/cream. I prefer navy because it is softer than black and white and is more casual. I love tie blouses… understatement, I am obsessed with tie blouses.
-neutral heels/wedges/espadrilles/chunky heel sandals (the pictured heels are michael kors)
-neutral tote
– I chose to pop the outfit with a aqua mint drop earring since I like this outfit with hair up.. I just do not like naked ears.
– I chose a french braid messy bun because it says I am casual with this outfit, but I care enough about what my hair looks like I made it “fancy.”


2 thoughts on “Classy-ing Up the Colored Jean

    • Thank you!! Classifying a navy as a neutral opens the door for so many more fashion opportunities. I love navy with any color! Especially a warm color like peach or coral or pink.!!

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