The excuse me’s, WTH’s, and What Were They Thinking’s: Theme Park Style

theme park wtf


How many times have you been somewhere in public and look at people’s choice of dress and question their sanity? Well I do it often. I didn’t realize how many people dress totally inappropriate for a situation until this past weekend, when I went to Orlando, FL for some fun theme park time!

Well as soon as I walked into the park I saw a girl walking around in a leather jacket with full sequin sleeves. Yeauh, might be cute for a different situation or occasion, but this was a theme park… in FL… in 80 degree, sunny weather! What the HECK!?!

That was followed by multiple girls walking around in heels, too many wedgies to keep count, too many high school girls with cut off jean shorts that would more closely qualify as boyshort panties, and topped off with hundreds of girls wearing dresses (?!?)

I try not to be a negative writer because there is a never-ending supply of muses to write about negatively, but I just could not resist this one.

-I do not understand the need for young girls (ages 13-17) to wear shorts that cant adequately cover a butt cheek; and how do they get their parents to let them out of the house dressed like that? I am an adult and my mother still finds ways to question my wardrobe if my v-neck is a smidge under acceptable to her.

-I do not understand the thought process of a girl saying “I think I am going to wear a dress today,” TO A THEME PARK! Sure, a dress is comfy and stuff but you are going to a theme park… with roller coasters, Unless you are advertising for hustler, you do not need to have easy-access viewing to your under privates.. and even that is still questionable.

-Too many girls do not understand their size in clothing. more muffin tops than Panera.. Thighs squeezing out beneath shorts begging for air, love handles waiting to get some love.

-I know that the one older woman on the bottom with jean shorts has a wet butt, and thats not something you can help at a theme park cause of water rides, but I just think its funny when people get wet-butt… sorry!

4 thoughts on “The excuse me’s, WTH’s, and What Were They Thinking’s: Theme Park Style

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed! But yes. Muffin tips are like an epidemic, more scary than a possible apocalypse! It isn’t like I don’t like full figured women, I think all women are beautiful, blind of size.. But they have to know that when the full figuredness is being pushed out of pants, it’s the wrong size… I do not understand!!!


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