School of Cute Communications

dark skinnies grey sweater button up pearls pink

As a college student, especially one of the communication major, appearance becomes everything! Besides the fact that my mother raised me to always be put together when I leave the house for any reason, At this age everyone you run into and see on the street is a possible future employer.

Not to mention my major is all about advertising, marketing, public relations so we learn on day one that the minute you leave your house you are marketing yourself to the world.

I have long class days (we are talking up at 8, gym at 9, school by 11 and home anywhere from 930-1030) so of course I like to be comfy! A good pair of jeans should be comfy as well as fitted and give you amazing looking glutes.

I opt for a flat, flat boot (when cold), or a cute sandal for school because anything else (with a heel) is a little over the top for walking around campus.

I love button ups, so classy and easy to wear! A good fitting button up should NOT gape at the bust. If you have a larger chest then you should buy the size that fits your chest and then tailor the shoulders, waist, and any of the lengths. Most busty women opt for not wearing any type of button up because of the infamous gape. That is where tailoring becomes your best friend.

I add a sweater because my classes are FREEZING. We are around a lot of computer labs so they keep the air blasting to counteract the heat that computers give off.

OF COURSE the most important accessory when it comes to school is the school bag. I have never liked backpacks. So I go for a cutely patterned laptop bag that can fit a few books as well. Sure I can not carry all of my books at one time, but hey I get exercise walking to my car a few times throughout the day!

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