Maxi-mizing the look

olive maxi coral low bun fedora


I LOVE MAXI’S!!!! I am so excited for spring because it means dress season which means get dressed and ready gets so much easier!

I have this loose fitting tank top maxi in a olive-hunter green. I really loved it but when I bought it, there were only larges left. So I tried it on and realized that I could get away with it, it looks purposely loose fitting.

I pair it with a black, thin braided belt at my natural waist.

I match that with black flat sandals for running around shopping or classes or whatever daily activities.

I wear a fedora with it because I will find any way to wear a fedora. I bought a mens fedora because I feel that they build women’s to be small so they sit more on the top of the head instead of down over the forehead. So I got a men’s to fit down on my head.

Because of wearing a fedora and sometimes hair down doesn’t look so good with a hat (I have very long hair so it ends up doing some weird thing where it comes out from under the hat) I wear it in a low messy bun.

I add a coral-ish lip with an everyday makeup eye. I consider everyday to be like a neutral slightly smokey eye. I use browns, tans, a little black eyeliner but smudged so it isnt so HARSH.


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