Tantalizing Tropics

white shorts lime teal tropical


COLOR! Love! Spring is coming!

Last year I went on a cruise with my fiance and if you have been on a cruise you know that the less luggage the better! But as someone who values clothes and shoes I found it very difficult.

I had to go and get a lot of basics. I ended up with a plain limey-yellowy green racerback tank top and a teal cardigan. I already owned some white linen shorts that I knew I was taking.

Well my fiance wanted to go get some cocktails and do some dancing one night on our week long cruise. I didn’t want to wear my nice evening dinner wear, so I checked out what I had left after 5 days already on the cruise.

I put together an outfit that I normally would not wear because it is so outgoing and bright and “look at me!” and that just is not my personality in public. I am more conservative dressing.

Excuse the ghettoness of this mirror picture. It was an impromptu shot taken by my handsome, wonderful fiance. You cant see them, but I am wearing cognac color wedges similar to the ones pictured above.


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