Campus Crush

pink jeans navy sweater cognac

What is better for a gloomy day around campus than a chunky sweater and comfortable jeans?

Today I had class all day (international business communications, public relations and law and ethics of mass communication) and then I had a rehearsal for the charity fashion show I mentioned in the previous post. So it has been a LONG day. Tuesdays usually are almost unbearably long.

So I know I always want to be comfortable, but like I always say put together and finished! I always decide to wear something very comfortable but still decently cute.

I decided on a colored jean, in a almost pale neon pink (sounds weird I know but they do not have a specified color because they were white jeans and I dyed them with a mixture of pink, red, orange dye), a white tank top and a slouchy open front sweater in navy.

I wore chunky heel shoes in a cream and cognac color because they are comfortable to walk around a small campus in. My classes are fairly close together so it was not murder on the feet (these shoes are levity, quite comfy!).

I did the back french braid up into a ballerina bun again because it is so simple! and it is nicer than a ponytail or messy bun. I get really annoyed with my hair most days being in my face during classtime that I usually end up putting it up in some type of bun or braid away from my face.

Once again, I do not like naked ears so I wore the pictured studs from brighton.

My everyday school bag is a neutral tote in a leather.

image (4)

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