Whats the Business?

skinnies blazer white tee coral lips

Business casual is a must-look that every woman should know how to put together. Especially for a woman in her youth.

Today I had a fitting for a runway show I am doing this weekend for a charity for the local university, University of North Florida.

The charity is all about empowering women AND men! It is to show all women can be beautiful no matter skin color, ethnicity, height, weight, body shape, etc. It is suppose to promote self awareness and confidence to the youth.

When it comes to a fashion show of this type where you are suppose to be comfortable with yourself you want to wear something that defines you.

I thought it was important to go to the fitting dressed in my personal style so that the stylists could see my style and portray that in my runway outfits. The last thing you want is to be put in some crazy dress that a more hipster-eclectic girl would look amazing in and rock it to the moon and back when my style is more classic and simple.

I decided to wear a navy blazer, baggy white tee, skinnies and a pop with my coral clutch and a coral lip. I wore basic sandals cause, well put simple, I wanted to be comfortable.

You can never go wrong with a navy blazer, white tee and dark jeans! They are all wardrobe basics so of course look good together. Adding that color lip just made it more fun and less “stiff” looking.

I wore my hair in a ballerina bun with the back french braided up into the bun. So simple to do and looks good all day and keeps the hair off my face, but this look would look amazing with down hair with soft curls as well.

PLEASE excuse the messy floor behind me… its been a crazy weekend and long holiday monday so I have neglected my weekend organization.


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