What does VJS smell like?

I have received dozens of e-mails asking what I smell like. So I figured I would go ahead and respond and let every one know my signature smell.

Ok.. so I have not really gotten e-mails about how I smell, that would be weird. But I am going to tell you my signature smell anyways.

versace bright crystal

Versace’s Bright Crystal is my signature smell.

I got the perfume for Christmas a few years ago. At first I felt like it smelled too mature for me. I usually go for a very floral, very feminine, very strong.

The bright crystal scent, after a few uses, I’ve realized that it is ULTRA feminine! Right up my alley.

The scent is created from a mixture of peonies, MAGNOLIA (which should be obvious is my favorite!!), lotus flower, pomegranate, and yuzu (east Asia citrus).

The scent lasts for a long period of time, definitely all day lasting.

I highly recommend this perfume for anyone that has a very feminine style and enjoys floral scents.

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