How the heck do I wear that?!?

red white stripe blouse


Candy striper anyone? I love this top. I think it is beautiful, classy, fun, and a cute throwback to candy stripers and the “olden days.” It can be perfect for the work place, casual daytime look and date night.

Business/ Workplace:


red white stripe bouffant chanel tote


To wear this shirt in the workplace, it should be paired with a long pencil skirt in a matching red tone.

A white pointed toe pump is always professional. (not to mention that the red sole matches the outfit as well… BONUS! (; )

A black crocodile tote adds just the right amount of flavor to the outfit to make it not TOO matchy matchy. It breaks up all the red but still keeps it classy and business appropriate.

A nice bouffant, twist up bun would be perfect for the workplace. Keeps the hair out of your face, looks kept and professional and also allows all of the attention to be on the top.



white red striped blowout nude flats


To use this top for daytime, pairing with white jeans and nude accessories are the way to go!

Using white and nude brightens up the outfit to make it beautiful in the daytime. For daytime, I love a tote because running from here to there and everywhere you never know what you will need and a tote allows you to carry anything and everything you could need.

I like a nice blowout for the daytime look because it is a classy hairstyle and looks beautiful on anyone. It also keeps the femininity of the look.


Date Night:

red white stripe black pant gold


GOLD!!!!!! Adding gold to anything can dress up an outfit.

I paired the top with a black cigarette pant that tapers at the ankle and can give the appearance of legs for miles!

Gold accessories glitz up the outfit. Keeping all of the gold and sequins in the same color and tone family allows for it to be used in multiple places instead of just one accessory with sequins.

A sexy low bun with some teasing at the crown is really a classy hairstyle.

2 thoughts on “How the heck do I wear that?!?

  1. victoriajstewart- I love that red and white shirt you paired with the white heels! So chic and cute! I especially like the bow accent. It makes the top that much more girly. And I totally agree with you- the line between ghetto and classy is very this with leopard ans white heels for that matter. In my book 3 fails makes a right and patience is also key! I left this same reply on my blog, then I was like why didn’t I just respond on yours. CUTE blog btw!!

    • Thank you so much for checking out my blog!! I love this striped top, so candy striper-esque. I like to blog and create looks that are 1.)obtainable and 2.)wearable. I am not a huge fan of un-wearable fashions, although I do love fashion shows as an event aspect. Fashion is about taking a trend and tailoring it to fit your style and personality. I hope with my blog, women feel the femininity and the fun of being a woman!

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