“Not now chief, I’m in the zone”

bright workout

Being that I have a wedding coming up, more like in the near future (1 year away), I have been determined to lead a more healthy lifestyle and attend my gym more. My mom not using her trainer hours, and transferring them to my account did not hurt either. I have come to realize a few things that work for me to push me harder and in a way provide some motivation

Working out with someone. By “someone” I mean a person that is just as motivated to go to the gym. If you try to go workout with a friend that is less motivated the session becomes boring and more like you are babysitting them or holding their hand throughout the gym.

Set a time in your day planner to go to the gym. If you plan a time every day or every other day, whatever you feel necessary, it is much more likely that you will go as opposed to if you are saying “I will go later,” “I will go after this,” “I will just get up in the morning and do it.” It will take a few days to get into the flow, but having a steady daily routine really will aid in making it to the gym.

Wear cute gym clothes! Some of you are going to say “that is stupid, I do not care what I look like at the gym,” and I will respond with this… When I go to the gym in my bright purple workout tank and my yellow and pink Reeboks I push myself at least three times harder than when I wear my black tank with grey pants and my grey and black Nikes. I believe the reason for this is that when I am wearing such outrageous and noticeable colors I feel that people are staring at me, whether they are or not, which makes me think “I do not want to look lazy or like I can’t do this.” So I push and push and push until my thighs are BURNING from so many squats.

Do not give up! We have all been there when we start going to the gym and we feel a little lost or dumb with what to do or how to do it. Ask for help if you feel like you are doing something wrong or just want it. Or just do it and say “it is a new workout, I saw it on pinterest.” No one is going to question pinterest, heck you might even create a new type of move and have the whole gym doing it!

Really good workout tunes! I do not know how many times I have gone to the gym, turn on shuffle on my IPhone and BAM All my life by K-Ci and Jojo…. No, not a good gym song. Prepare a playlist on your iphone, ipod, music device that has all of those kick-butt songs that really get you moving or motivated. You could also use pandora to find a station.


VJS top 4 workouts:
— Squats. Lots of squats! When doing a proper squat, the butt should be as parallel to the floor as possible WHILE your knees do not overpass your toes. This is a difficult thing to grasp since it is a balancing act and an awkward position for the body. I recommend practicing in front of a mirror, sideways, so that you can see your knees and making sure they do not overpass your toes. The feet should be at about shoulder width: too wide and you wont be able to do it properly and too narrow will make it more difficult. For the first few rounds using a weight is unnecessary, your thighs will burn after the 25 reps. After that I recommend uping the difficulty with a weight or kettlebell anywhere from 10-15 lbs. Once you are comfortable with that then you can move into bar squats with or without weights. Bar squats feel a bit different than free squats, so you will feel like an unbalanced puppy again for a few but then will get the hang of it.

–Sit-ups. Lots and lots and lots of sit ups. Side situps, regular situps, reverse situps, V situps, crunches, russian twists EVERYTHING! My trainer use to make me do 5 different situps, 25 reps each, sometimes multiple rounds. If you use your core correctly then you will see a difference in no time, not to mention definitely feel the difference.

–Lunges. Grab a kettlebell or a weight of some sort, hold it over your head, and do 10 lunges down and 10 lunges back. When doing a lunge make sure that you are stepping to the side of a normal walking stride, about a foot more away from center. There are stationary lunges that you can do, but from my experience I get a lot more “bang for my buck” when doing walking lunges as compared to stationary lunges.

–Interval Treadmill. INTERVAL TREADMILL. INTERVAL TREADMILL!! I cannot stress this enough with my friends and anyone that asks for help or advice in the gym. The army does interval, trainers do interval, WE SHOULD ALL DO INTERVAL. “Well, what do you mean by interval VJS?” Glad you asked! When I say interval treadmill (cannot say it enough!!) I mean exactly this: 2 minutes walking (around 3 MPH) and then 1 minute running (between 5 and 6 MPH). For at least 30 minutes. Running for 30 straight minutes is a nightmare on your knees and joints, even at 21 I feel that. Walking for 30 straight minutes can make a person feel like they are not doing much. So do both! I do not normally sweat when I just do some cardio (I just have underworking sweat glands?) but doing interval treadmill gets my heartrate at the perfect level for burn and cardio and it makes me sweat which makes me feel like I am really accomplishing something.

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