Success in Bloom

pale pink white gold green


What is worse than walking into a place of business and every woman is dressed like clones of Men In Black Agents? I am not sure. Women should embrace style in the workplace.

Pairing a beautiful silk blouse with some high-waisted, or high rise cigarette dress pants automatically gives off a feminine vibe within the workplace.

Sticking to a navy, black, grey suit everyday can drag down the personality of the individual.

I opt for this beautiful pink and white silk blouse (that I just bought) and some crisp, creased white skinny dress pants.

For the dress pants: they need to remain work appropriate even though they are skinny pants. They should fit, not suffocate the bum.

With some power-woman pumps in mauve and gold, it is pulling in the pink tones from the shirt while adding the gold as a third color to the outfit. I usually recommend having 3-4 colors in every outfit/look so that it adds dimension and interest. (whether the clothing have the colors or it is a black and white outfit with a red lip, 3-4 is the general rule; this includes monochromatic… it should be 3-4 shades of the color of choice)

A beautiful bright green, almost kelly green, really adds a pop but not too outrageous since it is still the workplace.

2 thoughts on “Success in Bloom

    • This particular purse is actually from but there are very similar totes from Hermes’ Birkin line and I have seen one by Brahmin but without the lock accent. I completely agree on this beautiful green (almost a kelly green) being perfect for spring. It is such a complimentary to the soft pink in this look.

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