Ahoy Matey

navy red nautical sundress

Oh glorious spring time is once again upon us. I love the spring, bright colors, bikini shopping, tanning, beach parties, pool parties, the coats (as much as I love them) can be put in the back of the closet and be forgotten about for the next two seasons. You can always count on spring time having beautiful flowers, bright shining sun, sipping margaritas and daquiris, and always counting on fashion having a lot of nautical themes and undertones.

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For the Love of Beauty

A few weeks ago I saw a show on television that was featuring a mother and her family. The mother was being interviewed on raising her children with what she believes is important in the world. She talked about good morals, manners, values, and education; the normal response for a parent, hoping that they are raising their children to be good people that can provide value to the world.

There is nothing negative to be said of the above, but then the mother continued on with the interview saying that she does not value or even see value in fashion, trends, or the way a person looks. The mother said that the inner being of her children far outweighed the outer shell.

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“Not now chief, I’m in the zone”

bright workout

Being that I have a wedding coming up, more like in the near future (1 year away), I have been determined to lead a more healthy lifestyle and attend my gym more. My mom not using her trainer hours, and transferring them to my account did not hurt either. I have come to realize a few things that work for me to push me harder and in a way provide some motivation

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