About Me

All things southern are my love!

Victoria is my given name and I am from the sweet peach state of Georgia.
I was raised with the idea of keeping yourself always at your best, keep yourself together, and never leave the house with a bare lip.

I own way too many trench coats for living in the south, addiction.
I own way too many shoes that I don’t even wear.
Every outfit should be paired with blazers, I am hoping that blazers make their way into every persons lives and hearts.

I learned my colors when I was a wee little thing, matching my bows and binkies to my dresses.
I refused to wear any type of pant or short until I was about seven years old.
I took etiquette classes in my preteen years.
I am currently a bachelor student of communications in Florida. I study everything from the public relations aspect of communications to the ultra-secretive, brainwashing aspect of advertising AND I LOVE IT.

I love people, talking, shopping, sales, shoes, my poodle, and my amazing fiance.

I am engaged to the most amazing man, Ty. He is in the army as a linguist and I am so proud of him. He is such a smartypants!
I do have a countdown on my page of our wedding which will be April 6, 2014, and I cannot wait! There will probably be some blog posts about wedding planning and wedding fashions and ideas. As well as some relationship stuff, because I am obsessed with advice!

So come on this ride with me, talk to me, give input, requests, advice! On anything about being a girl (even guys, I’LL TRY!), anything fun, anything flirty, and anything fashion!

Heck, you can send me pictures of outfits and ask me advice on it if you feel you need it!

xx VJS

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