What exactly is this blog about?

This blog of mine, is about whatever I love. Simple enough? ha.

If I had to give three words to describe my blog:

This is not a fashion blog as in high-fashion, fashion week, luxury fashions that 2 people in the world will really wear or even think of wearing. My fashion blog is about realistic dressings, everyday wear, and dressing for the classic woman.

I love to dress with classic styles. Button ups, cigarette pants, blazers,  pearls, purses (even my clutches are over-sized… defeats the purpose i suppose..)

I believe more women should dress with the classics, elegance, femininity, beauty, confidence.

But I will also talk about relationships, since one of my pastime passions is psychology and sociology and the interaction between people. So relationships of all sorts; friends, boyfriends, family, fiance. I will probably tell stories of my life and allow some sort of lesson within the story. Also, I will provide what I believe to be the best advice for any situation.


I am open to conversation, I am open to aide, I am open to suggestions.

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